Our story

Family began in 2016 when Heidi founded HR Graphics. For two years, the company was a one-woman show until Tuomas joined the team in the fall of 2018. The latest addition to the group is Anna, who started this fall.

Our creative family consists of diverse graphic design and IT specialists; our similar interests unite us at work and in our free time. We are open-minded and constantly excited to try something new and use it to grow as professionals.

We're cartoon artists, illustrators, musicians, science fiction fans, gamers, photographers, artists.. and more?


CEO, Founder, Graphic Designer

Heidi is a future-oriented visionary, an experienced graphic designer and the company founder. She is compassionate, determined and always developing something new. Heidi graduated as a Bachelor of Media in 2011 and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Culture Studies at the University of Jyväskylä. In her work Heidi is passionate about information design, data visualization and creating a corporate image for companies of all sizes, from logos to business cards.

Heidi has been an active member of the Central Finland's Cartoon Society since 2010 and also a board member of the society. She is also a member of BNI Global, an international business organization where a local group meets weekly to support each other's businesses. She is currently in a position of trust as a Group spokesman. Take a tour of the Jyväskylä's Jysäys Group and come visit us!



AD assistant, Animator

Tuomas is a multi-talented, skilled illustrator and animator. He's easy going, calm and invigorates the atmosphere with his (dry) humor. In his spare time he enjoys making music. Tuomas graduated as a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2018.



Photographer, Visual artist

Anna is a visual artist who gratuaded in 2013 and worked for a model agency in Helsinki. She moved to The Netherlands and lived there for over five years. During this time she worked as a product photographer and a team leader in an international company, whose responsibility was also lifestyle- and creative photography. Anna is calm and multi-talented, and her colorful personality reflects in her work.

You can get to know her portfolios by visiting annaruotanen.com for photography and illustrations behance.net/annaruotanen.