Research studies show that illustrations, whether in print or electronic media, support the written message – your important message. Infographics and pertinent illustrations on websites and print products serve to attract attention and highlight the most important message of that moment. We have created and realised illustrations in a wide variety of projects for companies and non-commercial entities such as public associations in support of their sales, marketing and communication efforts.

Our offering encompasses a variety of techniques, styles and approaches that are particularly well-suited to the world of business, such as vector graphics, smooth watercolour illustrations and comics.

Client case: SOL Services

We provided the client with visualizations of the organization's operating models for internal use. These works include strategy illustrations and comics. The illustrations highlight the sunshine, the imagination and the good attitude within the organization, which reflects to the customers - like a warming sun.

Client case: Metsä Group

The client required a complete set of images for its workshops, to stimulate discussion and provide motivation in relation to jobs and work tasks of the future. The images were ordered as separate illustrations that can subsequently be included into presentation materials or adapted to posters.

The work was executed in collaboration with Kuvitellen Oy, the visual thinking and coaching company.


Client case: Mustankorkea

We created and executed a set of seven posters presenting the change in waste handling in the City of Jyväskylä from decade to decade, starting from the 1960s. The posters showcase special characteristics of each era and present a vision going into the 2020s. The work was ordered by Mustankorkea, a waste management company owned jointly by a number of Central Finland municipalities, to commemorate its 20th anniversary. The execution was a collaboration between us and Kuvitellen Oy, the visual thinking and coaching company.

Client case: Circwaste

To communicate their project-related information to the residents of the Kangas area, the main urban development of the City of Jyväskylä, the Circwaste project ordered the visual appearance of information releases and the design of the Circwaste character from us.

The project was executed in collaboration with Jooli markkinointi & viestintä, the company of marketing and communication experts.