First and foremost, graphic design work is a creative process, founded on input from the client and developed into a vision embodying the set of ideas in question. But it also involves other types of work, including file management, project management and handling of different software, as well as the ability to listen to the client. In all things related to graphic design, we will support you every step of the way. We offer you a complete design package to establish a new visual appearance for your organisation, including the following:

Company logo

Presentation templates

Web site

Brochures & flyers


Document templates

Advertising banners and web banners

We also design infographics and lay out reports and customer magazines. You can order reports and customer magazines from us, directly in the appropriate format, for publishing both online and in print.

Client case:

We worked together with Mandel and Skandinavien Institut to put up a new platform so that people around Scandinavia can stream and make online videos for their greatest fans in German speaking countries. seamlessly connects people from different countries at a time when it is not possible to organize events locally.


Client case: Kankaan Sauna

We provided company visuals to the new public sauna in Jyväskylä: from logo design to creating the website. Cozy, old red tiled factory building had its own sauna in year 2020 and its now a part of daily lives of the citizens in that area. Booking a sauna turn is easy via the website. For business related or personal occasions (such as family celebrations) one can book the whole sauna and the cabinet that fits for approximately 50 people.

Client case: Kiertokasvu

We created and realised the corporate image of the company Kiertokasvu, including web site appearance, logo, calling cards and the master template for their PowerPoint presentations.

The project was executed in collaboration with the companies Jooli markkinointi & viestintä and Preoni.

Client case: Metsomäen Kodit

We created and realised the corporate image of the company Metsomäen Kodit Oy, including web site appearance, logo, calling cards, document templates and master templates of their PowerPoint documents.

The project was executed in collaboration with the company Jooli markkinointi & viestintä.

Client case: Circwaste

To communicate their project-related information to the residents of the Kangas area, the main urban development of the City of Jyväskylä, the Circwaste project ordered from us the visual appearance of information releases and the design of the Circwaste character. We also created the illustration for an infographic visualising the changing waste management practices in the multi-cultural residential area.

The project was executed in collaboration with Jooli markkinointi & viestintä, the company of marketing and communication experts.

Client case: Mukamas Oy

Our client, the Mukamas Learning Design agency, carried out a survey among its clients and stakeholders. We were brought in to create a strong and impressive visual appearance for the report that presents the survey results.

To view the report in its entirety, visit the blog of Mukamas.