Animations and animated graphic elements have become more and more popular as a means for crystallising the message, presenting ideas and marketing products or services. Animations are a great tool for arousing attention in social media information flows or encapsulating ideas at the beginning or end of seminar presentations.

They help you reach a large share of your target audience thanks to their versatility: animated videos can be shared in social media, e-mail and web sites. Animations convey messages many times faster than narrations or written texts.

At Family Creatives, we create animations and also animate graphic elements ourselves, thereby facilitating a smooth project flow. All of our external partners are carefully selected.

This is how we crystallise the power of animation:

Family Creatives presents

Have a look at our own company animation and see what sort of impression it makes!

Orion Pharma

Client case: Orion Pharma

An animated video was realised for Orion Pharma’s internal communications for the purpose of spreading an important message across a large international organisation in an easily understandable way. The main character is a doctor telling a story and leading the viewer through the video.

K-S Konttoripiste

Client case: K-S Konttoripiste

K-S Konttoripiste, the Central Finland company engaged in B2B provision and maintenance of office and retail store technology solutions, wanted to encapsulate the main ideas driving the marketing of their services and products in a crystal-clear form. The visual artwork drives the message home without explanatory texts, and the scenarios set in different situations and environments make things clear to the viewer. In the animation, offices and retail shops are transitioned into the digital age in a quick and flexible manner, with attention to each customer’s specific needs, while delivering a high standard of customer service.

BNI Finland

Client case: BNI Finland

BNI is the world’s largest business referral organization with a global network of hundreds of thousands of members. Our animation sums up the organization’s core philosophy into a clear, neat package that is easy to share and present at different events.